Expert Analysis Of The Traditional Function Of Stock Cardboard

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Traditional view that small plants and corrugated cardboard manufacturer functional significantly different is that the former will provide the smaller amount of orders, and therefore there will be a variety of stock cardboard. Common stock, also known as cardboard cardboard, there is no pressure line of cardboard. The cardboard in the cardboard suppliers be cut in accordance with requirements specified in various widths and lengths. Traditional theory that these stocks cardboard must be premised on the need for cardboard factory, so that processing can continue uninterrupted and cardboard processing small orders.

Manufacturer compared with corrugated cardboard processing plant will meet the four "lost."

First "loss" is the width of the excessive waste of cardboard, that is, as has been pre-cut cardboard finished width, the width of the finished product will result in many cutting width of the waste.

Second "loss" is the excessive length of cardboard waste, which, as has been pre-cut cardboard finished length, the length of the completion of the finished product will result in many cutting length of waste.

Third "loss" is a line perpendicular to the direction of tile pressure line operation, and that this should be the most corrugated products are part of automated tile lines. In some cases, there may be two such operations.

Fourth "loss" is a variety of different sizes and storage of inventory related to the additional cost of cardboard. Traditional theory also believes that through the organization of cardboard processing plant can quickly provide low-volume orders to offset these costs. These costs can be offset another layer of meaning, cardboard processing plant without the plant, equipment and staff who run the tile line extensive investment.

In addition, the cardboard factory orders to avoid production of small corrugated products manufacturer imposed price compensation. If the order is below a certain value, corrugated products manufacturer is not in any way shape cardboard cut production. With the corrugated box industry, cost structure and feedback services have undergone tremendous changes. Stock board on the traditional theory based on the current status quo must be done accordingly. Cost, since the tile line technology improvements, including orders for automatic switching, the installation of computerized slitting machine, wide tile lines the width and three times the original speed of the cutting speed, all make the number of installed tile lines greatly reduced. In services, the number of cardboard processing plant are installed into the machine, so that tile line running one or two hours before, into the machine on board to receive customer orders, and in a day or two to ship the products to be out, not as they used to need a couple of weeks so long. These changes also changed the industry, and many plants from a corrugated cardboard manufacturer, where orders are taken over most of the inventory is no longer a board, and became the custom cut to shape cardboard or paperboard. Gradually, the board changed the functions of processing, only a small factory, or a professional manufacturer with professional machines, but the factory's operations and those with specialized equipment, production of various products, corrugated products plant are broadly similar in operation.

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Expert Analysis Of The Traditional Function Of Stock Cardboard

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This article was published on 2010/10/27