Tips in Recycling Cardboards

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Is there a method of recycling cardboard effectively? The answer to this is a cardboard baling machine, which compacts waste cardboard and bundles it into bales. This machine creates a carbon footprint better and this is very practical.

The latest designs for brand new cardboard baling machines in the market are very efficient and constructed of durable materials. Imagine the weekly cost of renting bins to store your cardboard waste, then you would have to pay for workers to arrange it in the bin, then again when they load it into the collector truck. It will come out more expensive than having your very own baling machine. The initial purchase may cost a lot but if you add up the weekly cost, it will even be higher. The machine itself also doubles up as a storage bin because the compacted material would create lesser space than normal. Today, the latest models are fully automated. The bundling and compacting is done with a touch of a button, which reduces your usual baling time to more than half.

Unlike a bunch of loose cardboards which have to be stored under a roof, a compacted bale can withstand the elements so that you can just leave it exposed to the weather without any worries. Because of the tightness of the compacting process, the kindling point is lessened so that fire cannot easily consume a bundle. As a consequence, storage of the bales lessens the hazard of fire as compared to loose cardboards. This increases the safety of storage.

The dealer of the baler machine usually has connections with a local bale collector within your zone. Usually, the bundles are collected without any charges. Mill size cardboard bales can fetch good revenue for every ton. Smaller sized bales though can only afford a free collection. You can bring your bales to the local recycling factory, which may be exchanged for small revenues in some states. You can inquire about this with your dealer. Ask whether they can set you up with these collectors.

Due to the compaction procedure, the instances of collection would occur much lesser. Take for example, when you used to pay for two 1100-liter wheelie bins for collection in a week. Now, you may only have three or four bales for collection in a month, and the collection is free. As a result, you have minimized the gas consumed by dustbin trucks. How’s that for environment friendliness?

Do you want to contribute to our environment by recycling paper? Come visit us and well show you how to recycle paper. We deal in a wide array of horizontal balers including used horizontal balers.

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Tips in Recycling Cardboards

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This article was published on 2010/11/10